Packages and Prices

Fees range from: $150 and up

Basic: $150…up to 1 hour of music standard classical/contemporary repertoire includes consultation via phone and/or email. Ideal for a wedding; includes 30 minute prelude, processional, ceremony music and recessional. Also ideal for dinner, luncheon, cocktails, special event or church service(s).

Premium: $250…up to 2 hours of music with 15 minute break after one hour, includes consultation via phone/or email. Ideal for a wedding + reception, or longer dinner party: selections from standard repertoire


*Outdoor weddings… ~Special considerations~ please contact for more details

*Special Music Requests…*Clients provide CD, mp3 file, or sheet music where applicable, as I will need that to make a special arrangement for violin solo. If necessary, we may need to agree on a substitute piece if music is not available or able to be easily arranged for violin solo…TBD

*Wedding Rehearsals (usually not needed, but if you require my presence it will be an additional charge of $50)

*Travel…Basic and premium fees include Cumberland and Hoke Counties…outside of these areas, $25 and up, up to 60 miles from Fayetteville.

*You must provide your own amplification (microphone) if needed. Many facilities such as churches and hotels have these, but most of the time it is not needed. The need for amplification will depend on the size of the facility and ability of violin to project in the room. If you have any concerns, I can make arrangements to meet you at the venue to survey it ahead of time for an additional fee of $25 for my time.